How to eliminate stress and negative emotions and behaviours in schools?

Now with the Quiet Time/Transcendental Meditation programme it is possible!

Discover more about the FRIENDS project – Fostering Resilience, Inclusive Education and Non-Discrimination in Schools.

Promoting Inclusive Education through Wellbeing

An innovative approach to promote social inclusion, equality and non-discrimination in the learning environment.

The Quiet Time with Transcendental Meditation programme in education

FRIENDS final conference

On the 4th of December, the Final conference of the FRIENDS project will was held at the Sky Room 1 of the Royal Library of Belgium – Brussels. It has been a unique moment during which the FRIENDS consortium shared with school communities, experts, and other stakeholders of the social inclusion and education field the main results and the experiences of the project.


The FRIENDS project aims at introducing an innovative approach in schools in order to promote respect for diversity, tolerance and social inclusion in the learning environments. Trough Quiet Time with the Transcendental Meditation programme, students have been proven scientifically to become less aggressive, more incline to establish positive relationships and improving also their academical results.

All this has a full advantage for the education systems which become effective spaces for fostering equality, integration, and intercultural understanding.

General objective:

The main objective of the FRIENDS project is to disseminate and replicate on a wider European scale an innovative but well-researched whole school approach known as the Quiet Time based on the Transcendental Meditation programme (Quiet Time/TM programme) for schools. This scientifically proven approach will be implemented in 4 European countries (Portugal, Italy, Belgium and UK), targeting schools and non-formal educational institutions with minority and disadvantaged students, or with a migrant background.

Specific objectives:

The following 4 specific objectives are aimed to be achieved:


To promote social inclusion

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To promote social inclusion, tolerance & non-discrimination in schools through an innovative whole school approach known as the Quiet Time based on Transcendental Meditation programme for schools.



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To disseminate and scale-up on a wider European scale the chosen innovative good practice in 5 countries (Portugal, Italy, Belgium, UK and Spain), targeting schools and non-formal education institutions with minority students and those with disadvantaged or with a migrant background.



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Establishing solid evidence-based Policy Recommendations on the Quiet Time/TM programme implementation to support policy reform in the continuous improvement of the education systems across Europe


To foster the role of Education

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To foster the role of the Education, Training and Youth systems in Europe in promoting intercultural understanding, social cohesion, and mutual respect in societies and preventing discrimination, violence and radicalisation

What is Quiet Time with the Transcendental Meditation® programme for schools (QT/TMP)?

Quiet Time with the Transcendental Meditation programme consists in adding for a few minutes at the beginning and at the end of the school day the twice-daily practice of a simple, scientifically documented psycho-physiological technique Transcendental Meditation that has been found to be effective for the development of brain functioning, cognitive performance, personality integration, and positive social behaviour. During the Quiet Time period students, who volunteer and whose parents approve, practice the Transcendental Meditation technique while others are engaged in non-academic activities such as quiet reading or rest.


Next face to face dissemination meeting in UK

The next ‘Face to face dissemination’ meeting of the FRIENDS project will be held on Thursday 26th September 2019, starting from 4.30 p.m. in the beautiful location of the Maharishi Peace Palace, in Rendlesham – UK.  Here, local learning communities implementing the...


You are warmly invited to an afternoon Public Conference ‘SOCIAL INCLUSION THROUGH EDUCATION’ at which the interim results of the FRIENDS project, aimed at promoting respect for diversity, tolerance and social inclusion in the learning environment, will be presented....

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